About SafeTreker

Everything you need to know about SafeTreker

Who and What is SafeTreker?

SafeTreker is an adventure travel insurance product designed to cover over 500 sports and activities.

This adventure travel Insurance offers varying levels of benefits and coverage, depending on your budget and travel needs. Levels of coverage are subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Plan Document.

You can feel confident that your coverage will be there when you need it.

For Your Added Protection

We know that you are an extreme traveler looking to find your next adventure, whether it be in the deep-sea or on top of a mountain. To ensure that you can focus on the experience, we wanted to provide an additional layer of protection for you. As an added benefit of purchasing SafeTreker adventure travel insurance, you will receive a complimentary LutiKey.

What is LutiKey you ask? It is an incredible device and service that will help you stay safe on your next trip by offering robust tracking abilities for you, companions and possessions, in addition to having your sports and activites covered with SafeTreker. You will now have a free tracking device that will help safeguard you and your valuables while traveling. Some of the benefits of Lutikey are:

  • Emergency Services Contact
  • Guidance in Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Find Luggage and Valuables Anywhere

For additional information about LutiKey, please click HERE.