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If you have this logo on your ID Card and your plan name is Safe Travels USA, Safe Travels USA Cost Saver, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive and Safe Travels For Visitors to the USA - your PPO is First Health:


In the US, when you call a doctor’s office for an appointment or present your ID card to a provider, it is important for you to say: “I am covered under the First Health PPO Network. Are you a First Health provider?”  Medical providers participate in various networks which is how a provider recognizes and accepts your insurance to bill the insurance company directly.  If you mistakenly say “I am covered by Trawick International Insurance” your provider will not likely recognize the name and say they don't accept your insurance coverage.  This does NOT mean that your insurance is not valid and it does NOT mean that insurance will not pay.  It might mean that you have to pay for services and submit a claim to be reimbursed. See Claim Information on the drop down above - for info on how/where to file a claim.  Some of our plans have different benefits if you use an In Network provider versus one that is Out of Network.  Please see your plan document for details.  If your plan offers the Wellness Visit Benefit you MUST use a provider that is In Network to be covered.  Please choose from the list provided.   You can find a provider by using the following link: In the USA - choose First Health Network and then enter the type of provider you need (ex. Hospital, Doctor) and search using your zip code.  If their name is on the list that is generated it means they are in Network per their agreement with First Health. 

Please note:  there are no Pharmacies or Dental Providers listed as In Network for First Heath PPO.  All Dental Providers and Pharmacies are Out of Network and any Out of Network Deductible will apply to eligible claims.  

If you experience any issue using this network please contact Trawick International® using the Online Chat or call 888-301-9289.  

Plans underwritten by Nationwide do not have a PPO Network.